About our CEO

Baking began for me early on. Some of my earliest memories are of baking in the kitchen with my grandmother & mother.  I have baked some of those recipes so often that they are embedded in my memory. Those recipes that require no measuring tools, no timers, just a touch, a feel, a smell or simply a look. Those times and moments were so special that I wanted to share that feeling with others.

This Sweet Dream started from the urging of family and friends to create sweets that sparked a memorable moment from their past. In the process of creating these moments from the past, we have been a part of making some memorable moments right here in the present. We are so grateful for that.

At Yes She Bakes I strive to provide that special moment for each and every person that I meet. Sweet smells that transport you to happy moments, And Yes I Dream’em sweet and they taste even better. Traditional homemade sweets got me started. As I have grown I have created everything thing from traditional to trendy. From cakes and cupcake to treats and an assortment of sweets. I have a passion to Bake Your Sweet Dreams Come True.

It is my desire at Yes She Bakes that we create a moment. I focus my attention to the details, from the butter down to the packaging. I work very hard to make sure every order is presented with great quality that both the company and the customer can be proud of